About Us

Konac Industries Limited is a revolutionary Dry Wall solutions Company that assists high profile Construction Companies, mall developers, hospitality investors and individuals resolve issues relating to Dry Walls, Cinemas Acoustics Walls, Bulkheads, Ceilings, impact resistant internal and external walls using high performance Gypsum, Cement and MGO boards, with complete solutions to achieve required performance.

As Knauf solutions partner in Nigeria Konac Drywall provides all Knauf solutions.

We stock the largest range of Knauf solutions systems which include boards, galvanized structures, insulation wool’s and all other accessories for Drywall and Ceilings in Nigeria.

Our Technical Teams are mostly Knauf Engineers, Architects and designers, who work with our local engineer, architects and technicians for perfect delivery of projects

We can capably supply and install any quantity to any site within the shortest possible time, as we have several well trained technicians readily available

Konac Drywall solutions Nigeria